The Genesis of B4C™

In The Beginning

The story of B4C™ dates back to as early as 2006, and while its origins are not unique, they are driven by a profound desire to address a pressing challenge within the Christian faith. The founders of B4C™ are passionate individuals, bearing the name of Christ and having dedicated decades to ministry. However, they recognized that passion alone, without prudent planning, can be like zeal without direction.

It's a story that many can relate to—the journey of bringing good ideas to fruition, despite the winds of change and the many obstacles along the way. For B4C™, this journey has spanned 17 years, marked by knowledge gained, trials and tribulations faced, failures encountered, and successes celebrated. Every step has contributed to the organization's growth and evolution.

Through it all, B4C™ has remained committed to its mission, knowing that only God knows what comes next. While the path has been challenging, it has also been filled with moments of inspiration and transformation. As we reflect on our journey, we remain driven by our vision for the future—a future where B4C™ continues to make a meaningful impact, addressing the challenges of the Christian faith, and fostering a community of believers who are inspired to share their faith with the world.

OUR Platform

Billboard F4R Christ™ is more than an apparel brand; it's a global platform with a mission. We're here to support faith-based organizations and empower individuals on their spiritual journey. Our platform offers inspiration, education, activation, and mobilization. We're committed to touching lives and leading people to Christ. Explore our unique resources and join us on this transformative journey.

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The B4C™ team is a dynamic group of professionals from diverse backgrounds and talents, including business leaders, educators, commercial printers, photographers, attorneys, veterans, software engineers, designers, communication professionals, and more. Each member plays a vital role in advancing the message of the Christian faith. For example, our team includes experienced educators who bring a wealth of knowledge to our educational initiatives, and dedicated communication professionals who ensure our message reaches a wide audience. Our team's passion and dedication drive us forward in our mission to creatively witness and influence generations.

The Vision. The Plan. The Execution. The Results.

Our Roadmap

While our vision is global, our journey begins right here at home. We are committed to providing a meaningful experience for our dedicated base of supporters, patrons, and advocates. In the coming months, we are excited to launch new initiatives that will resonate deeply with believers of the Christian faith. Our roadmap includes specific milestones and timelines for the development of resources and community-building efforts. We invite all members of our community to join us on this journey, as together, we inspire a new era of faith-based Christian communities.

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