The Sower. The Seed. The Soil.


Equipping Believers for Effective Witnessing


As part of our Phase 2 initiative, BE F4R CHRIST™ empowers believers by providing the knowledge and tools they need to be effective witnesses of their faith. Central to this effort is the development of our Learning Management System (LMS), which offers a platform for personal growth through a diverse range of resources.

Our goal is not only to expose individuals to Scripture but also to establish them in it. To achieve this, we offer an interactive library of resources designed to guide individuals on their faith journey of self-discovery. Our ultimate aim is to equip believers to confidently articulate their faith and engage in effective witnessing.

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Equipping You for a Fulfilling Witness

Our Future Knowledge Base

At B4C™, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge learning tools and experiences to empower our users. Our upcoming Learning Management System (LMS) is designed to offer comprehensive learning opportunities that go beyond traditional Bible study. We understand that life is multifaceted, and we view it through the lens of the Bible.

Our vision for the LMS is not merely to create Bible scholars but to equip our community with practical knowledge for leading fruitful, fulfilling lives as witnesses of the Word. While our LMS will cover various aspects of biblical understanding, it will also offer practical training in areas such as finance, education, wellness, social awareness, economics, workforce readiness, travel, and more—topics that concern every individual.

Join us on this transformative journey towards becoming well-rounded and informed witnesses of the faith. Stay tuned for updates on our future LMS and be prepared to embark on a life-enriching educational experience.

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The Sower

You don’t have to be a biblical apologist to be a Seed Sower. As a matter of fact, you don’t even have to be biblically trained to share your faith. The only criteria required is to believe on Christ and share the message of salvation with others. However, people generally will have questions which you may or may not have the answers to. So, why stop at believing. The apostle Peter instructed that once we have faith we should focus on our moral well-being. After that, we should add knowledge to our moral values. Understanding that knowledge will not always be enough to compel everyone, it certainly can help many including ourselves. At B4C, we want to help the Seed Sowers work the fields of God by providing a single point of reference to access biblical training, learn about effective tools, and share messages that resonate and aid in developing fertile ground.

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The Seed

The writer of Hebrews eloquently exclaimed that the word of God is alive and powerful and used the illustration of it being the sharpest of all double-edged swords. Well, we can understand that most people wouldn’t want to hurt themselves by playing with sharp objects. While we wouldn’t suggest that you go pick it up and run to war with it, there is something to be said about understanding it. The first step to learning to wield it is understanding the various characteristics of it, the weight of it, how it’s balanced, but most importantly the one who will wield it. While it certainly can be used to bring about much destruction, when properly handled it can save many lives. We hope to save you from a few unwanted cuts by providing meaningful education to those desiring to learn about this powerful seed which we call the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.

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The Soil

You don’t have to be a pedologist or an edaphologist to know that all soil isn’t created equal, nor will all soil respond the same to seeds sown. You also don’t have to be a cardiologist to know that matters of the heart are a tricky thing. Lucky for you, no one is asking you to become any of those things. Bottom line is that it’s complicated. However, a little advice on navigating the human heart shouldn’t do too much damage if you don’t take on the mindset that once completed you have your PhD on the human condition. We want to help you navigate some of the more common situations when it comes to witnessing, but none of it is meant to perform a heart transplant. Besides, you want to leave the heavy lifting to the experts and let them shine, otherwise someone may confuse you with being their God.

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