"I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness"


"Make straight in the desert a highway F4R our God."


[fawr; unstressed fər] preposition:

  • used as a function word to indicate purpose.
  • used as a function word to indicate an intended goal.
  • used as a function word to indicate the object or recipient of a perception, desire, or activity.
  • used as a function word to indicate the relationship between the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and the Believer.
  • F4R™ embodies the fusion of faith and action, transforming knowledge into impactful skills through collaboration and resources. Our mission is to spread the message of Christ to every corner of the world. F4R™ is not just a concept; it's the embodiment of our purpose and faith, manifested in our actions. It serves as the voice and hands of B4C™, extending our shared faith. F4R™ is the movement, and this movement is here.

    Empowering Believers for Action

    The Platform

    At B4C™, we wholeheartedly embrace the principle that "faith without works is dead." We recognize that while many believers possess faith and desire, the confidence gained from effective training may be lacking. After all, as the saying goes, "you don't know what you don't know." This lack of knowledge can lead to fear of the unknown, which, in turn, hinders action and, in many cases, results in paralysis.

    Understanding the detrimental impact of this cycle, we are committed to countering it by providing access to information, training, community, and opportunity. These elements form the foundation of a successful believer, collectively building the necessary confidence not only for witnessing but also for leading a Christlike life.

    Our mission is to empower all believers with these essential resources, allowing citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven to flourish. Discover below how we are bringing these transformative resources to believers around the world.

    Equipping Believers for Effective Witnessing


    As part of our Phase 2 initiative, BE F4R CHRIST™ empowers believers by providing the knowledge and tools they need to be effective witnesses of their faith. Central to this effort is the development of our Learning Management System (LMS), which offers a platform for personal growth through a diverse range of resources.

    Our goal is not only to expose individuals to Scripture but also to establish them in it. To achieve this, we offer an interactive library of resources designed to guide individuals on their faith journey of self-discovery. Our ultimate aim is to equip believers to confidently articulate their faith and engage in effective witnessing.

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    Connecting Believers Worldwide

    BE F4R Community

    As part of our Phase 3 initiative, BE F4R Community introduces a proprietary Digital Community platform that facilitates both high and low-level interactions within the believer community. Our primary focus is on connecting individuals and organizations, fostering meaningful relationships, and enabling robust collaboration and response.

    Our goal is to create a vibrant, global community of believers united by visibility, transparency, opportunity, and engagement. This platform, combined with our Learning Management System (LMS), forms the core of the B4C™ ecosystem, advancing the F4R™ movement.

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    Igniting Creative Witness

    BE F4R Creativity

    Part of our Phase 3 initiative, BE F4R Creativity introduces a dedicated Digital Community platform for creatives to connect, collaborate, and engage with B4C™. Our primary focus is to provide a space for creatives to share innovative ideas in creatively witnessing the gospel.

    Through this collaboration, opportunities will arise for creatives to contribute to B4C™ sanctioned projects featuring their work. Our ultimate goal is to nurture a thriving community of believing creatives dedicated to creating works that elevate the knowledge of Christ and inspire a global audience for generations to come.

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    Impacting Communities Globally

    BE F4R Inspiration

    As part of our Phase F4R™ initiative, BE F4R Inspiration introduces the B4C™ Ambassadors program—an initiative that extends our global reach and influence. Our focus is on grassroots community engagement, where we actively seek feedback to inform impactful actions in local communities worldwide.

    We are committed to creating measurable change through intentional and influential actions. By doing so, we empower community members to become the faces of change, reflecting both their community's image and the image of Christ.

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    Impacting Lives Globally

    BE F4R Missions

    As the cornerstone of our Phase 5 "Impact" initiative, BE F4R Missions launches the B4C™ Missions program—an embodiment of our unwavering commitment to humanitarian endeavors and global outreach.

    Our mission is to train, equip, and mobilize dedicated teams and resources for domestic and international missions, including disaster relief, crisis response, medical aid, and community rebuilding. We recognize that these missions demand the highest commitment of human capital, resources, and financial support in our portfolio of initiatives.

    Through BE F4R Missions, we aim to be a beacon of hope and practical assistance to those in need, both at home and in regions across the world. Join us in making a lasting impact and embodying the message of Christ through our global missions program.

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